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What is an AED? How Does It Help Save Lives?

An AED is an automated external defibrillator that provides an electric shock to a person experiencing Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

If you look around an office building, a restaurant, a shopping center, or most public buildings, you may notice a small cabinet hanging on the wall labeled “Emergency Defibrillator.” Inside this cabinet is an AED, an automated external defibrillator.

An AED provides an electric shock to a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The basic components of an AED are a charging box with a lithium battery and an electrode pad that delivers the electric charge to the person in need.

AEDs Are Very User-Friendly and ANYONE Can Use Them!

Operate an AED in 3 Simple Steps.

  • Turn On the AED.
  • The AED will now start talking to you, explaining exactly where to put the electrode pad. A digital readout also confirms instructions.
  • Once the electrode pad is placed, the AED assesses whether or not the person needs a shock. If they do, you simply push a button.”

An AED Takes Out the Guesswork.

In Sudden Cardiac Emergencies, It’s Good to Have Support.

Without training, people may panic and try to shock someone who doesn’t need it, AEDs take out the guesswork.

Your workforce won’t have to worry about user error. If the individual does not need shocked, an AED will not apply a shock, EVEN IF the user presses the button.

Now Is The Time To Prepare For Sudden Cardiac Arrest With ZEE Medical.

INCLUDES a First Aid/CPR/AED Training Class

Providing 2-year certification for up to 10 people (offered M-F within FL Service Area)

Call 1-800-282-7755  or Direct (813) 681-5751 today for more information.

ZEE Medical Services Company Recommends

The ZOLL® AED Plus® with Real CPR Help

The ZOLL® AED Plus® can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well.

The AED Plus features Real CPR Help®, a unique CPR feedback tool that is able to monitor CPR quality and provide real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions.

Audio and visual prompts help you to rescue with a confidence and clarity unmatched by any other AED.

ZOLL® AED Plus® is Sold as a Complete Package and Includes

  • Batteries
  • Adult CPRD Electrode
  • Soft Side Carry Case
  • Prescription
  • INCLUDES a First Aid/CPR/AED Training Class
  • Providing 2-year certification for up to 10 people
  • (offered M-F within FL Service Area)
  • A FREE wall mount cabinet! (Limited Time Offer)

LEARN MORE about the ZOLL AED Plus in these PDF Downloads from ZOLL

Zoll AED Plus® | Additional Information + Documents

CPR is Saving Lives Every Day.

A ZOLL AED Plus® provides another tool your workforce can use to save a life on-site.

Call ZEE at 1-800-282-7755  or Direct (813) 681-5751 today for more information on
The ZEE Advantage! or Purchase Online!

In Recognition of Heart Month!

Your Workplace and Workforce will Receive!


ZEE Safety Specialists will Deliver, Set Up and Install for Locations within our Florida Territory.

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ZOLL AED Video Resources

View these videos of ZOLL AED in action and in training scenarios.  These videos can assist you and your organization in making a decision on an Automated Electronic Defibrillator. When you are ready to act! Call ZEE Medical Services at (800) 282-7755.

Zoll AED Training Video

Zoll AED Training Video