Sow Readiness, Yield Safety.

ZEE Medical Services Protects Your Laborers and the Fruits of that Labor.

Agricultural workers are exposed to numerous safety, health, environmental, biological, and respiratory hazards. These include hazards related to grain bins and silos, hazard communication of chemicals, noise, musculoskeletal injuries, heat, and others.

ZEE Medical Services provides First Aid Supplies in First Aid Cabinets and First Aid Kits.  Our Safety Specialists service your First Aid Supply insuring your emergency readiness.

With 21.6 million Americans working within the Agricultural Industries across the nation on any given day. Ensuring the safety of this indispensable workforce is crucial to getting the job done.

ZEE Medical Provides OSHA Readiness

ZEE Medical delivers Pump Stations, Clear and Bi-lingual Safety Signage available for Processing Plants, Packing Houses as well as field operations. Disposable Coveralls, Splash Goggles and Respirators for spray safety in the Agricultural Workspace.

Aid Your Workers, Protect Your Harvest.

ZEE Medical Service has solutions for your Agriculture Workforce and the risks that workforce faces– from Technicians to Engineers, Specialists to Scientists.  ZEE Medical Services provide on-site First Aid Readiness.

ZEE Medical Service Provides Safety & Aid to Today's Agricultural Workforce.


Proven Products for Your Agriculture Workforce.