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Worksite Safety

Don't let Injury and Liability affect your project and laborers success.

Nearly 6.5 million Americans work at over a quarter of a million construction sites across the nation on any given day. Ensuring the safety of these individuals is crucial to getting the job done.

Because construction often takes place in remote locations without ready access to hospitals or emergency facilities, ZEE Medical Service has developed custom solutions that address workers’ safety in the field.

Protect Your Workers And Interests.

ZEE Medical Service has solutions for every construction situation – from residential remodeling sites to multi-story commercial projects, and everything in between.

Invite Inpection

OSHA provides a detailed compliance checklist for site safety management.

ZEE’s trained Safety Specialists, teamed with your safety manager, can further reduce risk and potential hazards by addressing OSHA requirements with a thorough Workplace Safety Evaluation.

Whether it’s a carpenter standing on a narrow scaffolding 300 feet in the air, an electrician working with underground cabling, or the crew of a rotating boom operating near an energized transmitter, we have the experience and knowledge to bring safety to your job site.

ZEE Medical Service provides Head to Toe Protection for Today's Construction Professionals.


Proven Products for Your Construction Workforce.