Safety in Food Service

Safe Preparation, Clean and Prompt Management of Injuries.

 ZEE Medical Services can provide comprehensive consulting services to help ensure your food service organization is clean, safe and more productive.

As professionals in the Food Safety industry, ZEE Medical Services performs HACCP and FMIS programs, including training, inspection, and Sanitation and First Aid product fulfillment.

Inspected, Clean, and Ready for Emergency.

ZEE keeps your employees safe, considering each of the possible hazards and identify ways to safeguard your work force.

With over 50 years in workplace safety, ZEE Medical Service are experts in identifying where your business is at risk.

Restaurants and industrial kitchens are fraught with potential for accidents.

ZEE Medical Service Protects Your Talent and Investment, while Preventing Liability.

Provide for Your Employees Immediate to Urgent Health Needs.


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