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Annually OSHA Releases a Report on the TOP 10 Risks and Violations challenging Workforce Safety and Emergency Readiness.  With OSHA reporting a 15% drop in Violations for 2019 ZEE continues to support through Inspection, Training, First Aid and Safety Products delivered and maintained.

Eye and Face Protection (1926.102)
Violations: 1,411 in 2019 • 1,536 in 2018

ZEE Medical Service Company offers Eyewear and Face Protection for your specific workplace environment. Eye Protection has become more comfortable and stylish than ever before. Do you need help assessing the correct protection for your business?  We offer a training class that can help.  View ZEE’s Inventory of glasses and goggles, and faceshields online at www.ZEETAMPA.com!

Safety glasses and safety goggles are essential in protecting the eyes of your entire workforce impact, debris, dust, electrical sparks, fire, molten metal, splash, light, and other on-site dangers—especially in manufacturing and material-handling plants.

When it comes to helping ensure workers wear eyewear protection every day, it pays to have employees find a fit that is comfortable and designed for their working environment.

To determine your specific level of necessary protection, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Are tasks completed inside or outside?
  • Do members of your team wear prescription glasses?
  • What kind of lighting are they exposed to?
  • Are temperatures consistent throughout the workplace? The last thing you want is for goggles to fog up.

These are all critical factors in making sure workers’ eyes are as protected as possible.

ZEE Medical Safety Specialists share your goal to have workers wear their eye protection as much as needed, never feeling the need to take them off when hazards are present. 

The dangers presented by chemicals are not the same as those apparent when welding. Just as grinding and Cutting metal is not the same as handling materials on an assembly line. Thankfully, eyewear protection technology is varied and specific to account for comfort, fit and workplace setting. Whatever the environment, ZEE Safety Specialists are here to protect your worker’s vision.

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