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Annually OSHA Releases a Report on the TOP 10 Risks and Violations challenging Workforce Safety and Emergency Readiness.  With OSHA reporting a 15% drop in Violations for 2019 ZEE continues to support through Inspection, Training, First Aid and Safety Products delivered and maintained.

Ladders (1926.1053)
Violations: 2,345 in 2019 • 2,812 in 2018

Anyone in construction understands the advantages of ladders. Ladders, make large-scale jobs easier, when used effectively. Light and portable, ladders allow workers access to hard to reach spots. Ladders set up and take down quickly and easily. When used carelessly, the benefits offered by ladders are overshadowed by the potential hazards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidelines for ladder use. We’ve distilled their rules into their simplest points.  These 5 rules will help you begin to understand the tedious OSHA guidelines so that you can minimize the risk of an expensive incident.

Rule 1: Use common sense.

Many of the OSHA Ladder Safety Requirements are ones that are necessary to list, but only because people on the site – because they’re hot and tired and think they can manage – will disregard their common sense to get things done.

Rule 2: Take care of your equipment.

This means frequently checking to make sure that your ladder and ladder add-ons are clean, sturdy, and functioning properly.

Rule 3: Understand the limits of the equipment.

Ladders are useful tools, certainly, but they’re simple tools with limitations. Knowing where your ladder is strong, where it is weak, and how much weight it can handle goes a long way towards preventing an accident.

Rule 4: Understand the limits of your employees.

Don’t let someone’s bad habits cost you. Make sure your employees understand what constitutes risky, unsafe practices, and do your best to eliminate these behaviors.

Rule 5: Know the numbers.

Angles, measurements and weight limits are extremely important when it comes to ladders. Setting up a ladder too close to a building or failing to note the minimum clear distance between side rungs can be a costly mistake to make. Taking the time to understand these figures before using a ladder in your project will save you the time spent on damage control down the line.

Enjoy the ZEE Advantage

ZEE Medical Service Offers Specialized Training Classes for Any Size Group.

ZEE offers a Ladder Safety Training Program that can help you and your employees to be more safety-conscious while performing at heights indoors and out.

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ZEE Advantage – LADDER SAFETY Training Class
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