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Annually OSHA Releases a Report on the TOP 10 Risks and Violations challenging Workforce Safety and Emergency Readiness.  With OSHA reporting a 15% drop in Violations for 2019 ZEE continues to support through Inspection, Training, First Aid and Safety Products delivered and maintained.

Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178)
Violations: 2,093 in 2019 • 2,294 in 2018

What OSHA classifies as powered industrial trucks most of us refer to as forklifts or lift trucks. These vehicles are used for moving pallets, boxes and crates around a warehouse or worksite, these machines have the potential to injure both their operators and co-workers if not used properly.

The powered industrial trucks standard (1910.178)—provides guidance to avoid forklift overturns or being hit or crushed by a falling load.

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Complying with OSHA’s Regulations is Simple:

  • Nobody younger than 18 can operate a forklift. 
  • Forklifts must be inspected both before being placed into service and daily to ensure they are safe to operate.
  • Operators, Drivers must use seat belts.
  • Drivers must maintain a speed that allows for quick stops.
  • Anyone driving a forklift must receive Training and be Licensed.

Enjoy the ZEE Advantage

ZEE Medical Service Offers Specialized Training Classes for Any Size Group.

ZEE offers a Forklift Safety Training Program that can help you and your employees to be more safety conscious while performing at heights indoors and out.

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(OSHA Regulation #29 CFR 1910178)

When Was Your Workforce Last Trained in Fall Protection?

Always remember that the burden of proof lies with the employer. Should OSHA audit your company you will have to validate that employees understood the training, for example by means of an exam.

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