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Annually OSHA Releases a Report on the TOP 10 Risks and Violations challenging Workforce Safety and Emergency Readiness.  With OSHA reporting a 15% drop in Violations for 2019 ZEE continues to support through Inspection, Training, First Aid and Safety Products delivered and maintained.

Fall Protection Training (1926.503)
Violations: 1,773 in 2019 • 1,982 in 2018

After transportation-related fatalities, falls are the next most common area of worker deaths on the job.

Contact your Zee Safety Specialist for Help with Harnesses, Lanyards, Limiters and other Fall Prevention.  Call ZEE Medical Service Company Today at 1-800-282-7755

Recognizing OSHA has enacted (and is now enforcing) a policy that requires businesses to provide employees with adequate training for workplace falls.

There are many things to consider when providing your workforce a training program for workplace falls, deciding what exactly the hazards are––and what kind of training is needed––is critical.

Enjoy the ZEE Advantage

ZEE Medical Service Offers Specialized Training Classes for Any Size Group.

ZEE offers a Fall Protection Training Program that can help you and your employees to be more safety-conscious while performing at heights indoors and out.

Call 1-800-282-7755 today for more information on the ZEE Advantage – FALL PROTECTION Training Class.(OSHA Regulation #29 CFR 1926.500 Subpart M)

Ensure your machining environment is safe and meets OSHA Requirements. Call ZEE Medical Service Company today
at 1-800-282-7755

Employers must train all employees who work at height on fall hazards. Training should help workers pinpoint fall hazards in (work) areas where falls are likely to occur, and should instruct them on the proper procedures to protect them from serious injuries or even death.

Always remember that the burden of proof lies with the employer. Should OSHA audit your company you will have to validate that employees understood the training, for example by means of an exam.

When Was Your Workforce Last Trained in Fall Protection?

When an employee finishes training but doesn’t display an understanding of fall hazards or the correct usage of fall protection systems, that employee must be retrained.

Events that trigger the need for retraining include:

  • Changes in the workplace that create situations not previously brought up in training.
  • Changes in fall protection systems or equipment that weren’t included in previous training.
  • A fall accident, or a near miss.

ZEE Medical offers inspection, recommendation, Training and Assurance in safeguarding your workforce from Injury and Incident at heights.  Call ZEE Medical Service Company today
at 1-800-282-7755

Learn More about ZEE ADVANTAGE Training Classes on www.ZEETAMPA.com