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ZEE Medical Services

Leading Provider of First Aid, Safety and Training for over 50 Years.

Safety and Compliance are an important part of any business. Our business provides van-based delivery of first-aid, safety & emergency supplies and Emergency/CPR training. Keep your employees safe and your business compliant with ANSI & OSHA requirements. 

Professional Business Services

First Aid Supply

Get first aid supplies delivered when you need them. Our trained safety specialists will deliver supplies to your office. Schedule regular cabinet repairs and refills.


Our knowledgeable safety specialists will perform a 13-point AED inspection that verifies that the unit is working properly and batteries and electrodes are in-tact and not expired.

ANSI Audits

Are you compliant with OSHA/ANSI First Aid requirements? We offer a free “on-site analysis”, to see if your company is providing adequate first aid to your employees.


Eyewash inspection for cracks, leaks, and functionality. Cleaning and changing solution according to the schedule recommended by  manufacturers.

Respiratory Mask

Proper selection, fitting, inspection, and storage of respirators Proper use of respirator – including qualitative fit testing.


What Does OSHA Require From Employers?

Compliance with OSHA laws.

Provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards.

Examine workplace conditions to ensure compliance.

An employers OSHA/ANSI Readiness and Certification is a high priority and concern for all management and employees alike.  ZEE Medical works within your organization supporting you in your efforts in compliance.  Contact ZEE Medical Services today, We lift the weight on OSHA/ANSI Compliance.

Certified Training

Available in both First Aid/CPR and CPR only.  Multiple options are available based on your OSHA/ANSI certifications needs. Classes can include First Aid, AED, or CPR Training.

Bloodborne Pathogen

Learn how to handle blood and other infectious materials. Protect workers against the health hazards from exposure.

Forklift Certification

Industrial Vehicle Training and certification include: Forklift, Scissor Lift, Powered Pallet Jack, or Reach Truck Safety

Fire Extinguisher

Learn to differentiate between types of fire extinguishers and the type of fires they are effective against. Help teach your employees what to do with either live burn or simulated fire extinguisher training.


ZEE Medical Trusted First Aid Kits & Cabinets