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Time is Precious when Facing a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Emergency!

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Receive A FREE AED Wall Mount Cabinet, and Always Complimentary Training up to 10!

Call ZEE at 1-800-282-7755
 or Direct (813) 681-5751

Of the sudden cardiac arrests that happen each year, more than 90% of victims die before they reach the hospital.

Is Your Workforce
Ready to Respond?

Anywhere hearts are beating, employees are vulnerable to the fatal potential of sudden cardiac arrest?

On-Site AED's Can Save
Precious Treatment Time!

AED’s have easy to follow instructions so that in case of emergency, help can be given to the person suffering a cardiac arrest while EMS are on their way.

View these Successful Case Studies!

When Sudden Cardiac Arrest patients are treated within 5 to 7 minutes their survival rates can improve dramatically!

CPR is Saving Lives Every Day.

A ZOLL AED Plus® provides another tool your workforce can use to save a life on-site.

High School

Kelly immediately started chest compressions while Mitch yelled for someone to get the automated external defibrillator (AED) and started administering breaths. Another coach printed down the hallway to get the ZOLL® AED Plus®. Read More

Retirement Community

Determining Ashley was unresponsive, Marg, cool-headed, started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and asked a fellow resident to call 911 and retrieve the automated external defibrillator (AED) from beside the courts. Read More

Manufacturing Plant

With the help of a colleague, he placed Stan on the floor and cut off his shirt. He then started cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while another colleague ran to retrieve the ZOLL® AED Plus® around the corner. Someone else had already called 911, and another coworker was positioned outside to direct the medics. Read More

Utility Work

Dustin Dell, also a volunteer firefighter experienced in CPR, checked Younts for a pulse.  Finding none, he opened Younts’ shirt and started CPR, while apprentice linemen Chris Bastien and Jesse Taylor ran and retrieved the ZOLL AED Plus®. The pair knew what to do. Read More


When he heard the dispatcher’s call,he immediately asked a colleague to grab the automated external defibrillator (AED) and medical bag and then headed up to the second floor. He says, “When you hear a person is down, that’s the call that’s likely going to need an AED.” Read More


Officer James Champion of the Kingston Police Department arrived. Seeing Mark on the ground and Michelle over him, Officer Champion grabbed the ZOLL® AED Plus® from the trunk of his cruiser and sprinted to them. Read More

ZEE Medical Services Company Recommends

The ZOLL® AED Plus® with Real CPR Help

The ZOLL® AED Plus® can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well.

The AED Plus features Real CPR Help®, a unique CPR feedback tool that is able to monitor CPR quality and provide real-time feedback for depth and rate of chest compressions.

Audio and visual prompts help you to rescue with a confidence and clarity unmatched by any other AED.

ZOLL® AED Plus® is Sold as a Complete Package and Includes

  • Batteries
  • Adult CPRD Electrode
  • Soft Side Carry Case
  • Prescription
  • INCLUDES a First Aid/CPR/AED Training Class
  • Providing 2-year certification for up to 10 people
  • (offered M-F within FL Service Area)
  • A FREE wall mount cabinet! (Limited Time Offer)


ZEE Safety Specialists Deliver, SetUp and Train Your Workforce to Save Lives with an AED!

Call ZEE at 1-800-282-7755  or Direct (813) 681-5751 today for more information.